Tik Tok to launch new features like device management

TikTok has launched the second in-app quiz in India to provide more safety tips to the users, a week after the Madras High Court hands up a stay on its downloads and it will be available again on Google Play and Apple’s app store.

TikTok announced their first TikTok quiz on online safety was taken by the 5 million people and that its people are also coming together to show support and awareness around online safety in general.

TikTok announced account safety quiz that will be available on TikTok in India incorporates questions on general account safety having a strong password, you will not share your account information with others, and be aware of phishing, malicious emails or websites.

The owners said in addition to adding educational efforts, it is launching new tools and initiatives to support a positive and safe in-app and that its new features include device management, which will allow people to manage their login devices to prevent their accounts from hacking and revamped notification tabs and notification controls, which will help ‘people’ digital lives easier.

Tik Tok to launch new features like device management | 2019 May | By- Subham Hazra.

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